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Dube & Pottas Inc is a fast-growing private practice of social workers that specialises in medical social work. They operate from various hospitals in Johannesburg and Gauteng, South Africa. Their staff are patient-facing and deal with people in times of uncertainty and anxiety; which makes accurate communication vital.

With Exclaimer their staff know that no matter what device they are communicating from their clients will be provided with the relevant details; like what hospital the social worker is at or what their cell phone number is.

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Although email communication is a necessity the partners, Monica Dube and Mareli Pottas, wanted their emails to continue the caring and personal message and attention that their patients and clients receive in person. In order to make the emails more personable, and in keeping with their empathetic ethos, each Exclaimer signature design includes an approachable photo of the social worker.

Dube and Pottas Signature

This also has the practical benefit that in the busy hospital and ICU environments the family members of patients can recognise their social worker. It’s this practical concern for their clients that demonstrates Dube & Pottas commitment.


Centralised Management of Exclaimer

Exclaimer for G Suite allows them to update their signatures from anywhere without needing their staff to manually update it; which means their staff aren’t distracted from focussing on their patients.

Dube and Pottas Banner World Social Work Day - Exclaimer Email Signature

With this easy to use product, they can also self-manage email banners marketing events like brain injury month or stroke awareness month. And having all their emails in the cloud, using Google  G Suite, has given them the independence of being able to create new users and new signatures without having to use an outside, specialised IT company.

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures is an adaptable communications product that has enabled this rising company to achieve congruency in their communications from day one.

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Photo courtesy of Dube and Pottas

2 thoughts on “Exclaimer gives this company’s communication heart”

  1. I am currently a IT manager of a company of about 700 users and we are users of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. We find that it delays our emails and is very complicated and difficult to work with. How is Exclaimer different from CodeTwo?

    • Hi Sipho, thanks for your question. CodeTwo is a great product, but it falls down in a couple of areas. Exclaimer doesn’t require the weird connector that CodeTwo has, as all is done through a simple web interface. We have moved a lot of clients away from CodeTwo as they have not been happy with the reliability of the service from CodeTwo. I will get in contact with you to make sure that you can test and compare CodeTwo and Exclaimer for yourself. Check out this tutorial on how to install, setup and deploy Exclaimer on Office 365 https://www.osh.co.za/setting-up-exclaimer-on-office-365-in-under-25-mins/


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