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To the untrained eye, Exclaimer is a cloud-based signature management software, that simply saves the desktop support guy’s time. To people in the know, Exclaimer is a tool to drive and measure external and internal marketing and communications campaigns.

Exclaimer is an easy to use tool that ensures your communications and marketing packs a punch. It takes care of marketing 101 by keeping your branding standardised across all devices; including iPhones and MACs, but it really shines by using dead digital real estate to market and communicate to a captive audience.

CodeTwo vs Exclaimer Email Signatures for Office 365

Emails are often the first face of your brand, make them stand out with interactive internal or external marketing and communications campaigns that are measurable.

With the ability to run internal and external campaigns, managed by varying dates, this tool is a no brainer for any company looking for a hassle-free way to manage the basics as well as more eye-catching tasks.

OSH.co.za is proud to have been presented with the Most Proactive Exclaimer Partner in South Africa in 2021 award. 
Exclaimer Award Logo Winner 2021


Here are a couple of stats:

- The number of worldwide email users is expected to grow to over 4.3 billion by the end of 2023.
- The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will exceed 293 billion in 2019 and is forecast to grow to over 347 billion by the end of 2023.
- An employee on average sends out 38 emails every day on a company’s behalf.
- Around 269 BILLION emails are sent and received each day.
- An average office worker receives 121 emails a day.


These statistics should show you that email signatures are very important for marketing. An email signature could be the first impression that your clients get of your business. Imagine if you had no control over what your staff had on their signatures: maybe they have their personal Facebook listed in their signatures, or maybe they have stretched the company logo and the proportions are no longer right?

Personalising your signatures and maintaining them from a central location allows your emails to put your company’s best foot forward and portrays professionalism that otherwise might be lost.

Email Signatures: Marketing the easy way with Exclaimer

Your branded email signatures do a couple of things for your products and brands:

DRIVES traffic to your website;
CREATES awareness of your brand;
BECOMES your online business card;
ACTS as a low-cost, high return marketing tool.

Create a variety of email signature templates with HTML images and text. No HTML knowledge needed.
Signatures are merged with field data pulled from your Office 365 Directory.
Simply update every signature with a single click.
High-quality signatures on all emails sent from desktop and mobile devices.
Add dynamic content on signatures, such as social media icons, promotional banners, logos and more.
Capture data on signature clicks and feed them to analytics or marketing automation software.


The simple answer is yes. You can’t achieve the goals set out above if you don’t control your company’s signatures.

Email signatures are difficult to manage on a corporate level.

Users can tamper with them and choose their own fonts or maybe even change their titles. Important marketing elements can be ignored or left out and your IT or marketing department might need to run around to deploy signature updates.

Exclaimer comes into play here. All email gets a full, dynamic and professional email signature when sent from any device, including Macs and mobiles. It also allows for easy management of other email signature elements such as social media icons, promotional banners and legal disclaimers.

- Exclaimer is the world’s leading email signature solution provider.
- Exclaimer products are used by over 75 million users in 150+ countries worldwide.
- Exclaimer built the first-ever email signature solution in 2000.
- Exclaimer has been the recipient of 30+ industry awards and accreditations and has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2007.

Exclaimer gives this company’s communication heart

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OSH is an Exclaimer Cloud signature partner specialising in the design and deployment of cloud signatures for Microsoft (Office) 365 and Google Workspace (G Suite).

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